Dev Log and future

Here’s a new section I added… and the first post captures my current state of mind about things…

-edit- The sky is falling.

Well, I guess I didn’t express everything about what I’m doing in the future very well. In my mind, my participation will remain the same. I will continue overseeing things from on high. I will do what I’ve been doing these last couple months, I just don’t plan on contributing any code for awhile (I haven’t anyway). As far as the documentation… well, I won’t be working on it. Anything contributed (not on the wiki) I will be sure to put on the main page.

yep, the sky is falling :wink:

No, seems the engine will continue.

Seems there are very good coders aroun here…

argh, and I had yesterday made a quick rough sketch for a new money…

Anyway, I understand very well mojo’s position.

And I think is actually true that is good to really make a game with jme, so that he can even see what could be yet more needed, that people would see how amazing is the engine, and also, I understand fully that the main aim many ppl is here is to make games, after all :slight_smile:

And I think mojo can make very good ones :slight_smile:

Seems there are very good coders aroun here...

I will complete my editor.

I understand where you’re coming from, and I completely respect your decision. I sincerely hope that you enjoy yourself putting jME to use. We’re all anxious to see what you come up with. :slight_smile:

Oh, and I suppose it’s only fair to warn you that we’re already planning a coup d’état… :stuck_out_tongue: