[devlog] Bullet SoftBody in JME3.1


I just checked with the latest release of bullet. Still no compilation of the native code.


So the threaded physics solver is not supported anymore (I don’t know if someone ever used-it anyway).

I pushed a fix on the tip a new branch bullet_SoftBody-v3.2.1 which is the entire bullet_softbody mess rebased on the v3.2.1-stable tag.

I’ll try to do some git magic to make a cleaner softbody branch. So I wont have a bounty killer on me in case this mess gets to the jme master branch. :-]

If it compile it works ! … yes ?


Sadly no, the library still does not compile. Instead, the c++ sources are copied into jme3-bullet-native-sources.jar and the jme3-bullet-native.jar contains the old prebuild binaries from 7 months ago.
Could you maybe simply update the prebuild binaries?

Building SoftBody-Bullet on Win10

Hello, I want to use softbody on android, but I will be stuck as soon as I call the PhysicsSoftBody code.
Sorry for my English


Hi, I am sorry but I don’t understand your problem.
You said that the application crash on code related to PhysicsSoftBody, can you be more specific?
Can you give me more details?