Did it died?

@glaucomardano it appears those links are often broken, can’t find the hovercraft one in any case :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, is that page even legal? I think I just found the original webpage of that guy selling them for $49 :confused:

baalgarnaal said:
@glaucomardano it appears those links are often broken, can't find the hovercraft one in any case :P
By the way, is that page even legal? I think I just found the original webpage of that guy selling them for $49 :/

WOw! Sorry! I fixed the link! And I know it isn't legal, but someone upload them in there :roll:. Then you can free download them in there, but if you wanna buy the DVD's it's your choise ;P. Anyway we can find nice projects of artists on http://www.thegnomonworkshop.com/.

Seems like @Momoko_Fan has fixed some problems in ParticleEmitter serialization, they should be savable again.

Great! Bit busy preparing to move for a few months atm but I’ll play around with it in a few hours to check it out :smiley:

Hmmm @normen I’m trying to update my jMP but it gets stuck at 6%: jMonkeyPlatform Core. It just sits there doing nothing :confused: Is there something fishy going on server side perhaps?

I can update normally but I mostly just have slightly slower updates when this happens to the server while others crash and burn their computers meanwhile…

It reminds me the nehon’s buggy concept xD. Beaultiful buggy.

Yeah because that was the inspiration. Didn’t have all that details though just a small snapshot (the last one).

The original looks really better than mine.

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Nice work @nehon. I was searching for inpirations in google so i can create nice buggy concepts too and for coincidende i found that buggy and reminded me of your model :). How did you generate the normal map? Did you generate it by hand in a image editor or bake the normal map from its hi res version?

I sculpted a hi res model in blender, then baked the normal map.

I recently bought that book http://www.amazon.com/Character-Development-Blender-Jonathan-Williamson/dp/1435456254

It’s really for character development, but the concepts can be used for any modeling IMO.

This book is awesome really, the author is very talented and explains the whole process to create a character from scratch.

He’s one of the instructors making video tutorials on blendercookies.com, he basically thought me almost everything i know about blender.

I recommend this reading

wOW! Yeah, i learned a lot on that site too. I downloaded the most blender free video tutorials in www.blendercookie.com ;D. Jonathan Williamson is the man :D. Actually i’m thinking in buying the Vehicle Modeling Series in there, who knows the character development too ;P. Actually that site is dedicated for blender tutorials, but they are planning to create a dedicated site for concept art tutorials too :D.

Argh… so many interesting books coming by and I hate reading… oh well, guess I’ll have to give in one day :wink: