Did you try to native packaging in the JME SDK?

I made a jar of my test game in jme 3.2 SDK and run it standalone in Linux with OpenJDK 1.8_212_b04 successfully. but when I try to run it in a windows 10 os system not working and prints the main class not found.
so I want to try native packaging …
did you try to native packaging in the JME SDK?

If you download the SDK and manually build it yourself you can use this patch,

to do that. It uses adoptopenjdk so its legal to distribute. Not sure if newer versions fixed that or not.

Alternatively, you can try what is discussed in this thread.

I have been sidetracked with wiki so have not finished implementing this myself yet so maybe ask if anyone tried doing jlink yet.

edit: badass requires jdk 11 to work though.

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All my stuff is 1.8 and sdk 3.2 also so I dred the amount of effort its going to take to yank all this up to 11+. Not sure if sdk is up to the task yet or not.

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Well, you need the preview version of the SDK for anything higher than Java 8. And of course if you use the default ANT build, then for the 3.3 of the engine as well I suppose.

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