”die by the sword”, kinematic + ragdoll at same time



Have someone ever played “die by the sword”?

It has a different gameplay combat mechanics.

Take a look at this video:


I think it is a kinematic body, with ragdolled arms and weapon.

My question is, if we could have something like that, to enable the ragdoll only to some bones of the skelleton? like a broken leg that slows you down.

Or we could have a ragdolled tail that reacts to the environment.

These limbs would have forces trying to keep them in position, so we would configure that position and let the environment affect it, and wait it try to realign.

Dude this sounds great :smiley:


At “die by the sword” we have those amazing arms (natural? :))

The arms try to stay in a certain position, when you move it, it drags the weapon.

The weapon collides with other weapons, collides with the environment, and the arms and weapons react dynamically to everything, so your next attack is always different because you dont let it fully realign!! :smiley:

You can attack from sides, from above, in angle etc…

(there is many more stuff also, only playing it to see, but the “game fun” is long “deprecated” so you may find it boring some times… the game is too old and I know of any other game that is similar to it… unless… :D)

EDIT: auto-embed youtube videos! amazing :smiley:

great game it was :smiley: