Directional Light not applied the same to all model

Hi, beginner here, started my own project a few week ago after reading the basic tutorials.

I must have missed an important detail because I have an issue I can’t seem to resolve: models are not receiving light from the same direction even tho I have a single directional light in all my scene.

Those are blender imported model, where I striped the scene in blender of everything but the model (light, cam, ect)

The weirdest part is that the shadow on the ground is correctly applied for both model.

This can be due to several common pitfalls :

  1. If your models are using normal maps, you need to generate the tangents on them (TangentBinormalGenerator.generate(model))
  2. Maybe the normals are wrong in Blender (even if it manage to render the model properly) you can try to recalculate them (there is a button on the left panel when in edit mode to do that)

Then, I know it can be counter intuitive, but shadows and lighting are 2 different and unrelated thing. The only thing they have in common is the light direction.

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Awesome, so I know its not my reading comprehension that fail but my model that sucks :slight_smile:

Recalculate actually made it worse as half the model had its normal “inside out”. However, it put me on the right track: I re-imported the original model in blender and simply inverted normal instead of re-calculating, and that was solved :slight_smile:

As for shadow and light, yes I know they are unrelated, I only mentioned it to point out that there was indeed a single consistent light source.

Anyway, thanks for helping, I got it fixed now :slight_smile:

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