Directional Lighting With Particle Effects

Hello everyone. I have added a directional light to my scene, because otherwise one is unable to even see it in the first place. But I can only see my particle effects from one view and not the other. The perspective from which I can see the particle effect is the same one from which the first light started. Please help! I very much want this particle effect.

Thank you all in advance.

Can we see a couple of screen shots of it working, not working, and half working ?

Have you tried using adding an Ambient Light to help illuminate your scene ?

When I get rid of all of the lighting the particle effects show up just fine. Give me some time to get the screenshots up.

If you are using a lit material for your particles then you will only see them from the side the normal points towards.

If you use the new ParticleController system you can use fully 3d particles and light them however you like :slight_smile: