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I was wondering, if there is a Discord server for jME3? If not, it would be good to have one, no? I already use it for another topics, like Java and GameDev and I think the community would be happy in have one of it.


Yeah, why not :slight_smile:

Hey @afonsolage, I created a server. It’s called jMonkeyEngine CommunityServer.
Address is this one: https://discord.gg/jsNbqbh

Just joined

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Joined also!


I’ll sieze the opportunity and ask what exactly is discord? I mean I know it’s some form of communication app, but what are the benefits over slack/skype/irc/whatever?
I wanna join as well but I kinda don’t feel like registering to YET another site unless it can be used for other purposes as well.

It’s slack chat with a voice option essentially. BUT you don’t need a client for it, it can run in a browser.

Also, it’s chat is better, there is more mod options with privileges and so on, like a real community. You should give a try and if you didn’t likem you just close it.

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Uhm, if I click that link up there it kinda tries to force me to download their app (which I surely won’t do on mobile data).

It just suggested it on pc, but I suppose it’s different on mobile. Idk, just tried it out myself for the first time :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw if you ever need a throwaway email → https://10minutemail.com/10MinuteMail/index.html?dswid=1134

Lasts 10 minutes.

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Very interesting. Joined it. Something else to sit on the shelf while I have no time to play :slight_smile:

Another throw-away email site that I’ve used: https://www.mailinator.com/

I wish i could speak english :pensive:

I use mainly the chat. There is also some folks who talk on voice channel, but most of’em just keep texting.

Try it out!

Doesn’t a discord channel run the risk of having two places where people ask questions? Isn’t half the benefit of the forum that everything is saved and searchable, the forums provide lots of value for the community in this respect. Will we not begin to lose valuable information (previous questions/discussions)?

Nop. Discord is just for quick questions and talk about jME3, share ideas or your own progress, or talk to other things.

Actually, there isn’t a guide rule like on forum. I don’t see forum and discord as mutex things, they complement eachother.

That’s right, but our Discord channel is not intended for “big” questions. The community is just exchanging information, interesting content which might spam core devs probably, you know.

There is a danger though that you may (unintentionally) detract from the value of the forums, which are extremely valuable for future users. Lets say I ask a question in Discord, are you going to refuse to answer it there unless I post it to the forums aswell? Are you going to stop everyone else answering it?

Don’t get me wrong,I think Discord/Slack are good, just that they have their place.

For sure, but this is the same for all channels. But don’t get so serious about Discord, it’s just to talk and have fun.

I got you and I fully understand you. Your argument is really good. Maybe we just have to see what happens but I believe if someone has a problem, he or she will rather post it here on the forum than in Discord, because on the forum core devs and other smart guys can help much better.

But as @afonsolage said, it is just there to talk to other monkeys and have some fun. For me the jMonkeyEngine community always was like a big family :grinning: