DiscreteLodNode/DistanceSwitchModel - objects don't appear until camera moved

I'm trying to implement LOD into my object based on my GeometryBatch code. I'm using DiscreteLodNode & DistanceSwitchModel as per the DiscreteLOD example.

My code does work - I've set up one model distance from 0-1000, and when I move beyond 1000 the object isn't rendered anymore.

The only problem is that the object isn't rendered when I first run the app. I have to move the camera away from the object (not sure how far) before anything is drawn. Even though the object is within 0-1000 units from the camera.

The code is:

    DistanceSwitchModel m = new DistanceSwitchModel(1);
    m.setModelDistance(0, 0, 1000);

    DiscreteLodNode dlod = new DiscreteLodNode(NameService.createName(), m);

Is there anything I'm missing here? geom is an object of type GeometryBatch, which is derived from TriMesh.


at what positions are the camera and the object placed at startup time? are you sure it's not just a near-clipping issue?

It's possible it's being clipped but the camera starts close to the objects. There are about 100 objects all grouped around the camera, from 0 units to 1000 units away. I suppose I probably have a bug - it's clipping/culling all, when only those too close should not be seen.