Display fullscreen across multiple monitors

I recently updated an old project of mine, a screensaver showing star map data taken from the MMO EVE Online. I’ve gotten requests to make it work on multiple monitors, which is understandable given how many EVE players have several-monitor setups.

I searched on these forums and Google for a way to display to multiple monitors using JME or LWJGL, and didn’t find any good explanations on how to do it. My ideal behavior is for the display of the starmap to stretch across the monitors, but even just blanking the secondary monitors would be sufficient.

The problem is exacerbated by the fat that I myself only have one monitor, and can’t test potential solutions.

Just run in a window of the required size (to fill more than 1 monitor), with decoration turned off. When the window be on top, it will look like what you need. Here’s info on how to turn off the decoration: Turning off Frame decoration for a windowed mode - #2 by normen (i am sure you can figure how to run in a window of big size and position it correctly by yourself, it’s pretty basic, but do not hesitate to ask if you have more questions)