Distributable Java Packages

Can we distributable JRE with our game because people will have to download it separately. Like if we play other games there are Packages like msvcpr (C++) 2010 etc for runtime.
Is there any open JRE like openjdk. Or we can use oracle JRE and does steam and oracle allow to bundle this with our game ?

Thanks in advance!!

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Oracle have changed their license to be “less terrible” but at this point there is no point bundling an Oracle JRE, just use the OpenJDK one. In fact if you start with a JME project from https://start.jmonkeyengine.org/ there will be a gradle task called buildAllDistributions that will automatically create windows, mac & Linux distributions. Alternatively you can grab JREs from https://adoptium.net/en-GB/temurin/releases manually, or from URLs like
https://github.com/adoptium/temurin11-binaries/releases/download/jdk- to grab them automatically (See
https://api.adoptium.net/v3/assets/feature_releases/11/ga?image_type=jre for all the available JREs in json format).

So that’s a long way of saying: Yes, you absolutely can do that. Don’t use Oracle, do use OpenJDK’s JRE (From adoptium)


Thank you so much!!

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By the way you can also use tools like JavaPackager (it has a Maven and Gradle plugin) to bundle JRE with your app.

If you enable customizedJre (which by default it is) it will generate a minimal JRE customized for your app which only includes the required JRE modules.

You can find a sample build config here:


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