Do you use jME at school?

If you use jMonkeyEngine at your school, let me know!  I'm trying to put together a list for the JavaOne presentation.  Please include a link to the class and/or pm/email me contact information for the professor if possible as I'd like to make sure to request permission to include each reference.

Thanks guys!

I used it at my school. REwrote the gui for AP Case Study.  :smiley:

used it for a Software Engineering I project (

but only my group

we used it for a small project (a semester work if thats correctly spelled) in a software engineering course last year, but nothing very interesting

School: FHNW University of Applied Sciences Nordwestern Switzerland

Study: MAS-IT (executive master of information technology)

I want to use it, but I never got the chance. Largest project was TicTacToe I think. With a time limit that didn’t allowed to use JME  :’(

I will do a small project with opengl and later with Java3D. Next step is JME :smiley:

i am using jME for my masters thesis in software engineering. unfortunately, the thesis will be off-limits since its for a company :expressionless:

What school/uni?

Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences

Department of Software Engineering



Ironwood High School

I have talked to my professor about using a 3d engine for our graphics class, but the problem is the scope. Its easer to have small little openGL apps written in C# then having to use a full bodied engine to do simple geometries and coloring (which is the existent of our graphics class). This also puts more emphasis on art and design than programing, as you know JME is really easy to use.

Of course I would be very happy if my school went way deeper into the matter of 3d game design and development, but I don't think it will happen any time soon  :(.