Do you want free high quality characters? so visit mixamo

In mixamo you have access to a lot of good characters (human , wolf , t-rex , cat , horse , dragon) all are free.
also there is an on line tool that auto rig your character then you can add some free animation to it.
most of animation packs are non free.
if you sign up you can chose 20 animation from any pack you want.

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I tried to use it but was not successful.
They say they are able to map your character including rig to their animations, but the resulting model has a very awkward “base position” for its skeleton (upside down!).

So let us know if you have any success with this.

after they are fully aquired by adobe I might contact their support, because their animations are indeed of very high quality. At the moment you can’t get much support from them because they are restructuring the company.

Once I did it for a batman character(it had no rig at first i used mixamo auto rig tool to add rig). then added animation . It was really great. I think you should rig your character with their on line auto rig . So for adding animation there would be no problem.

Hmm right I only tried converting a rig.
Will add evaluating that to my TODO list.

You can also get the animation BVH file from site and import it to your makehuman character in blender.(just make sure in makehuman before you export your model you chose game skeleton mod not other skeleton) (I exported my model in .mhx format in makehuman and imported it in blender ). I’m testing on it and i get awesome results.
now i am working on adding facial control to may mesh.

If you are new to makeguman I highly reccomand you to sea
MakeHuman Tutorial (Pt.1) Install Make Human & Set up Blender 3D Tools by VscorpianC

I know Makehuman and also use it together with its game skeleton.
After you applied the animation, how did your skeleton’s “resting pose” look like?

This is the part that did not work for me, so I am VERY curious if you got it to work flawlessly!

I use load and re target option in Mis menu in blender. And after loading BVH; my rest position exactly looks like before i load it . I mean the same looks in makehuma. but the pose position changes after i load bvh . it changes to T position.

I am not at home until mid-september.
I will look at it again and post here again.

I would really love to see that working, ill try it out when I have some time, but if you could produce a little YouTube tuto showing how to get it from the site too JME, that would be awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

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you can get about 2551 categorized free bvh motion capture data file from here

Or, instead of makehuman you can use this that is made by mixamo. It seems that it’s freeware now…

There is no linux version, but i tested it on crossover and it works nicely, so i guess it would work with wine/playonlinux too …

We will use makehuman and just add a few animations (one attack, one ability usage, one getting hit) for now until we find an artist.
It wouldn’t make sense to tell the artist what we use, when we have no clue.
But it would be makehuman or Mixamo.

I would love to hear something new about Mixamo though, last update from them was:
“We have no idea what will happenw ith the company now”.

Also, we will probably do our own Mocap someday :smile:

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