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I notice that some documentation, particularly regarding the source location and building instructions, are out of date. How can one contribute here?



The instructions are for building the stable 3.0 version and for that they are still up to date. For building the development version the actual final way to build isn’t clear yet.

Generally, to contribute simply log into the wiki with your user account.

I didn’t know we may logon with our hub accounts on Wiki. But for me it doesn’t works, keep saying wrong username and password. Maybe because I logon with Github credentials.

I also log in here via github. You say the final way to build isn’t yet clear? It looks as though someone has recently put quite some work into the gradle build. TBH I hadn’t checked out the old Ant build (as a longtime Ant developer I have yet to find an Ant build I couldn’t improve upon). These days I lean toward Maven, personally. :slight_smile:

Heheh… maven is to gradle as beating your fingers with a hammer is to typing.

Gradle = maven++ - XML. And still better than that.

Gradle is the current way to build 3.1… not sure what part isn’t final about it, though.

Dunno… I was always very enthusiastic about a DSL-based build, until I saw Gradle. :wink: I haven’t looked deeply at it since it was first introduced, but my biggest disappointment with it is that AFAICT it’s not super-trivial to import a Gradle project into Eclipse, my IDE of choice. Eclipse Maven integration is great IMO; a working Maven build just works in Eclipse with m2e.

I include the eclipse plugin in my build.gradle files for work and no one complains so far. I don’t know enough about modern eclipse to say if the native support for it has improved but I don’t normally judge a build tool by how well an IDE I don’t use supports it. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I did put that work in.

You ever done multimodule builds with like 30 modules? Suddenly maven is the hell, and gradle is really great.
Also it is really just adding the eclipse plugin to the gradle parent build file. My own jme fork does that. I never really got why it is not included anyway, but i don’t want to restart that discussion.

I tried both my Discourse account as well as my WordPress account and both gave me wrong username / password on the Wiki. Paging @kwando and @jayfella for help.

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Yeah, I see no reason not to have the one line for the eclipse plugin, personally. While it’s not an IDE I use, it is popular and doesn’t natively support gradle directly (I guess) in which case it makes sense to have the plugin defined to generate the eclipse-friendly ‘stuff’.

I guess we should add the IntelliJ plugin as well then. Its kinda funny that Eclipse cannot do that itself though, afaik the NetBeans gradle support uses the IntelliJ plugin and simply adds it internally when it opens the gradle project…

There is still a unresolved issue with intellij. Since they don’t support source files outside of the project folder the way the bullet is build does not allow an import as intellij project. The more or less official statement on the jetbrains forum is:
“It seems we are just not as flexible as gradle in this case”

I personally would actually go the oposide way. No ide specific stuff in the repository. Adding a single line to the local buildscript should be dooable by anyone…

My only concern about local modifications to the buildfile is the resulting PITA it creates for submitting PRs, etc. Maybe when I learn more about gradle I can figure out a better way. :expressionless:

I usually select the files i edited manually for each commit.
Or it should also work to add the to the gitignore

eclipse ecosystem has 3 plugins (available on marketplace) to import gradle project without adding "apply plugin: ‘eclipse’.

  • Gradle IDE Pack 3.6.x, available on marketplace the more mature, except the need to click on “build Model” after selecting the project to import. It works reliablely for me.
  • Gradle Integration from Pivotal, I quickly test it
  • Buildship the younger, less features but netter future because it’s supported by eclipse and gradle

But I also continue to use “gradle eclipse” for some project where the import doesn’t work (eg xtend project)

Nice; I’ll check into these. Thanks!

but i tend to dislike all plugins, and work on shell if possible.

Gradle is for me the main system, as gradle is the base of the build, so everything is done the gradle way, and gradle states to just apply the plugins and thats it.

I installed the version of the Pivotal gradle plugin from spring-projects github and it’s working fine. Thanks!