Does anibody use Eclipse?

Just interested how many people use Eclipse for JME projects?

I just interested how do you get tools to Eclipose:

  • material editor
  • obj to j3o convertor
  • blend to j3o convertor
  • ogre to j3o convertor

    I’m looking at Eclipse because I’m a linux user. JMP works with big problems under linux. So guys, can you give your own opinion about Eclipse and JME?

    If you have converting (especially blend to j3o) tools for Eclipse, can you share them?


well… I do not think the tools will work with eclipse as they were made for the netbeans IDE, and I haven’t heard of a project so far, that would port them.

I am also use eclipse and also linux user

managed to install jmp and use it before


smaller (100MB)

faster with startup time

I am used to it (hotkeys and other things)

font in linux looks better

most important :it works (I have never got any error,crash)



somewhat slower with startup time

font in linux looks somewhat ugly and old (not that important, but still a -)

get a lot of errors and sudden crash (this modul that modul cant load, after start up it frozen hard there, cant do anything → I have to kill it , next time frozen again → cant work at all)

currently I just model + texture the model in 2.5 then import it in 2.4, animate and export it to ogrexml and use it in jme3.

blender is already a material editor, isnt it ?

do we really need to convert ogrexml to j3o ?

I use eclipse, but I am on windows, where jmp is used for levels, etc. Blender should work on linux too. To convert the model you can load the model by using the asset manager, and save the result by using the binaryexporter. Thought most jme and jmp devs were on linux?

Eclipse neither brings the jme3 libraries, nor does it bring example assets, so comparing the size is kind of silly. The hotkeys of jMP can be set to the Eclipse mapping and the UI visuals are defined by your OS. Eclipse also does not have a 3D window with a buggy lwjgl canvas, I guess it would crash just as often if it had on Linux. Blender is not an editor for live rendering materials, exporting that data mostly fails due to differences in each OgreXML exporter. Many options and settings only exist in jme so you cannot even use them in blender or save them to OgreXML (e.g. Particle Emitters etc). Again, its not that we try to annoy you guys here and you will have to live with JMP being the main jME IDE so try and help with fixing its problems. “Porting” is simply not possible, it would be a rewrite and SWT is not even supported by lwjgl by default. Also the Eclipse RCP does not have many of the features we intenively use in jMP. On the other hand Eclipse has no features that are not available in NetBeans.

So actually I didn’t even want to answer at all to this post, now be sure this is my last comment on this.



I’m using eclipse for my jmonkey project

  • material editor - I wrote my own (Uses lighting materialdef)
  • terrain editor - I wrote my own (not adding objects to scene, it saves just gziped float[] as heightmap and alphamaps)
  • for exporting from blender I’m using some blender 2.5 to ogrexml plugin

    Main reasons I work this way is that I eclipse doesn’t crash, I’m familiar with ui and hotkeys, and I have control above the editors (I can save it the way I want to)
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learn to live between the two, it isn’t really that hard, I like eclipse because cut and paste code and classes will be automatically formatted to fit a new location 90% of the time…that and a few other little things I would admit.

Particullary i use eclipse and netbeans, but for jme, jmp as netbeans is the best way because it updates nightly and eclipse is very poor for updating, it takes hours for simple updates, netbeans is very fast and efficient for updating. Also, netbeans/jmp is very efficient for auto-generating resources. Who says eclipse never crashes is wrong, because in my ubuntu 11.04 32 bits( with the classic aparence of couse :wink: ) my eclipse helios sometimes crashes when i try to open a xml file in xml editor, and it takes times to update too -.-.

I use Eclipse because 1. JMP always seems to not work on any of my computers… (very annoying, but I think it’s probably not the program just my computers) and 2. Because I love it and it’s the IDE I’ve been using since I started. @ficik that sounds pretty cool! Would you mind sharing it or do you just want to keep it, because I would love using that.

I use Eclipse because I really can’t stand Netbeans. Eclipse is way more powerful and configurable.

But if I need the tools, I start jMonkey for just a few minutes to do what I have to do.

To use the latest version, I just linked the SVN repository in Eclipse, works perfectly.

Thanks guys for feedback!!!

@normen - I don’t want to hurt you as I know that you are the JMP developer. But I cannot use JMP at all because of the Scene Viewer freezing under linux. And When the scene viewer freezes, so all other tools do not work too (scene explorer, material editor, model convertors…).

@ficik - WOW! Thanks for your reply!!! I see the Eclipse is very usable with JME! If you decide to share your tools, so possibly we can have a try to make a light version of JMP for Eclipse. Something like: JMP-Eclipse . What do you think? Also for Eclipse we can rewrite some tools like model viewer, model convertor…

@nomnom - Thank you too!

I use eclipse and will tay wit it, I don’t use any of the jmp stuff. For terrain editing I use L3dt wich works perfectly well together with jme.

j3o conversion is done with a small precacher I use .

I only use the obj and the ogrexml import path. no ned for blender as i kinda dislike it’s Ui.

For simple tasks i use Deled as it can do most stuff, and also has a ogrexml export plugin.

Just a question, how many hours eclipse take to update? xD. I like efficiency.

What you mean? like rightclick on jme3->team->update? only a few seconds depending on update size. As the ide is idependent of Jme3 updates.

I can update my netbeans very fast, but i can’t say the same of eclipse. Maybe the eclipse server is too far from Brazil :roll:.

mifth said:
@normen - I don't want to hurt you as I know that you are the JMP developer. But I cannot use JMP at all because of the Scene Viewer freezing under linux. And When the scene viewer freezes, so all other tools do not work too (scene explorer, material editor, model convertors...).

No problem, I neither wrote the buggy lwjgl panel nor the jme3 api for it. Good luck trying to get it to run in Eclipse (and implementing all functionality of jMP on it for that matter xD).

I prefer Eclipse because my projects are aimed at cross-platform development, i.e. PC and Android. Eclipse provides a much better support for Android tools…

Guys, how do you use assets in Eclipse? I should make a folder “assets” in a project?

you should put it on the classpath :slight_smile:

@mifth Material and Map editors are standalone jme apps. Thery work pretty good, but has ugly gui and code. I’ll share it after cleanup.

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