Does it work for chromebook developers?

Just wondering, does this engine for developers on Chrome OS? Because my friends and I are developing a game and we only have Chromebooks.

jME3 only has downloads for the SDK for Windows, MacOS and Linux, but then again I do not know about that 100%. I’m not even sure you can install java on a chromebook, but then again, I don’t know.

I think the SDK issue is probably a separate question since they asked about the engine.

But I guess lwjgl will have similar restrictions.

Can a chromebook run something like Minecraft? If so then the odds are better.

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I do have java on this and it can run games like minecraft, I have an app from the chrome web store called caret and it works well to get the job done.

If Minecraft works, jme should probably too, since we use the same backend.

I downloaded it and it’s just a file i can open.