Does the PhysicsSystem work with Quads?

Just wanted to check if the PhysicsSystem works with quads? I’m using textured quads as my bullets but they seem to pass right through my walls. They are hitting the walls perpindiuclarly (i.e., the face of the quad isn’t hitting the wall but the edge).

I was using spheres before just for testing and it worked fine but the collisions aren’t detected with quads. Just curious since I can switch to thin textured boxes pretty easily.


It depends on the ModelBound of the Quad. If a BoundingBox doesn’t work (because it is probably too thin), then I suggest you use a BoundingSphere. That will definetly work.

Quad bullet = new Quad("Bullet", 20, 20);
bullet.setModelBound(new BoundingSphere());

Enjoy :)


ahhhh … makes sense. Thanks DarkProphet. :smiley: