Dota2 international tournament

Well if you haven’t noticed yet, this weekend is Dota2 international tournament. Check it here: :slight_smile:

I’m glued to the screen as we speak, watching MYM versus EHOME Some people played WoW more than they should have back in the day; DOTA was my poison :wink: I’ve played “inhouse matches” with many of these guys, especially the Scandinavian ones. No Norwegians big on the scene these days, so I gotta cheer on MYM, the mighty danes!

Damn… EHOME 2 - 0 MYM

Now it’s up to Na’Vi, the crazy Ukranians.

Catch the finals this Sunday people. It’s not often you get a chance to watch a $1’000’000 tournament live.

Well, what’s up with al the -GAME IS PAUSED- moments anyway, bit boring to stare for 10 mins ate a still screen :confused:

Ye, I was all over Dota for some time too, although never on a really competitive level. Well since I have seen how many teams are from Asia, I actually cheer for anyone from Europe. :smiley: