Doubt about channel for the chat

to put my chanel like this

in GameConstants i have create chanel
like this

    public static final int CHAT_CHANNEL = 0;
     public static final int GUILD_CHANEL = 1;
      public static final int TRADE_CHANNEL = 2;
       public static final int PRIVATE_CHANNEL = 3;
public static final int SYSTEM_CHANNEL = 4;

And now?

I would say its an issue with either inverse matrix transform or a thread lock related problem. I would try building the source in Korean with obfuscation on, then decompile and cross reference with industry baselines.


and you should put static before public, tis better form :wink:

For an online game it’s probably better to manage a channel list on the server and transfer the desired channel-IDs to the clients. Store them in a Map<Integer, ChatChannel>. You will need something like this anyway because you’re planning to add party and guild chat.

Your Party and Guild objects on the server will have a property int chatChannelID, for example. Each time a new guild or a new party is created, you also create a new chat channel.

This might be overkill for your case. Consider using an enum:

public enum ChatChannels { Global, Guild, Trade, Private, System };

This allows you to iterate over the channels. ChatChannels.ordinal() will give you the channel ID.