Downloading Jmonkey 3.0

Hi to all.
I need to download again the 3.0 sdk (the 3.1 version is not compatible with some plugins), but the main site is changed and i’m not able to find a good download for the 3.0 stable.
Is there any mirror? where can i find it?

thank you

While waiting for the website, you might check out the 3.0 branch and recompile it yourself… requires netbeans.

Just want to say that 3.0 is still important. It’s the only way to create iOS games with jME ATM. And jME is one of the rare engines that really supports iOS… Many other engines just keep on publishing announcements… after downloading and installing and trying… you see that you see nothing… (no iOS)

The hiccup of the web server has nothing to do with 3.0 obsolescence…

3.0 is still the “current” version, and I believe that will be made availabe even after the 3.1 launch!

I mean I still have the download “jmonkeyplatform-windows-x64.exe” in my downloads folder. It’s some sort of 3.0, the whole SDK version. If this is the right version I’d be happy to upload it for you.

It would be awesome if you can upload the 3.0 sdk somewhere. My project is still running under 3.0 and I don’t plan to switch to 3.1 anytime soon.

Downloaded this on 11/02/2015, 353mb, only version I have
(I can re-upload if anyone has problems with that site and you have an alternative)

@JESTERRRRRR hi, do you have a 32-bit version of jme 3.0?

stable branch of the jMonkeyEngine/sdk github repo

uhm, here? Branches · jMonkeyEngine/sdk · GitHub

do you have a link of 3.0.0 only only?

Why do you want 3.0.0? The 3.0.10 build is the latest stable release of 3.0.

Nope, sorry I do not.

He wants it because it supports non shader based opengl1

Yes, because I need it for my friend, his device only has opengl 1.4 and I doubt that his opengl can be upgraded.

3.0.10 supports opengl1, it’s been removed for 3.1

3.0.10 is essentially 3.0 with some bug fixes