Downloading the Jadestone: Spirits demo for testing

I want to download the Jadestone: Spirits demo to see how it runs, being in JME. It looked pretty good graphically, so if I could get the source that would be good too, but not required.

It's not available afaik.


I don't even see any mentioning of it on their company site.

I guess they abandoned the project??

it was only a tech demo, we didnt even get to the point of calling it a project s

If we could contact them, go for it.

In this case, would it be possible to talk to them, to donate that work to the community?

MrCoder !!! winks  :smiley:

Is there any possibility that we could get our hands on that code???

still company owned code. the problem is that i dont work at jadestone since 2 years back, so its hard to just walk in there and demand it :slight_smile:

Thats understandable :stuck_out_tongue: Shame though xD

This is tricky business. I sent them an e-mail a week ago just to see if we could talk a bit, but no answer yet. Considering Spirits has basically been buried and is now impossible to find on their site, seeing that demo is quite the pipedream.

Why not chase after the projects we have around us? Grappling Hook is certainly a great example of a first-person action-puzzle, there’s Poisonville as an upcoming major player in the MMO genre, and the social community browser game Nordgame is still very active. Some of the guys at ThreeRings who made BangHowdy are also still around here on the forum, so if there’s anything in particular that puzzles you about their game, maybe I could get you in touch with a developer.

Please be subtle about it though, and do not get into licensing arguments…