Drawing screen coordinates in Android

I needed to draw some mesh in particular screen coordinates. So I added a viewport cloning the main camera and attached a mesh to it, drawn translating my desired screen coordinates to world space.

When running it on Android I get the desired effect in two devices. However, there is another device in which the mesh I draw is narrower and it seems that the origin point (0,0) of the screen doesn’t start in the left lower corner, but a bit to the right from it.

I’m thinking it might be that the aspect ratio is different in this device, because it seems that two vertical new stripes appear in the image (being negative numbers the x coordinates of the left stripe).

I’m now trying to multiply my drawing by the right constant (so that my is not stretched) and subtracting another constant (for it to be positioned from the real left corner). This only happens in one device.

I’m wondering if there’s any other method to deal with that, without having to adjust the values according to the device.

Thanks a lot!