Drawing with renderer on update

Hi all, another (noob?) question from me,

im trying to draw a TriMesh using the renderer during the update of a frame.

my code roughly comes to this:

public void simpleAppletUpdate() {





I got this from the wiki, but it does not seem to work,

if i attach it to the rootnode, it works, so it doesnt seem to be a bad trimesh.

edit: i extend from SimpleJMEApplet, thought that might be importand

Does anyone know what im doing wrong?

Thank you in advance

The update methods are intended to be used to update any game logic/graphics that needs it.  The render methods are intended for rendering, perhaps you need to override the method simpleAppletRender() (although I may be wrong about the actual method name).

Thank you :slight_smile: that did it,

although now i lost my simplegame options (like toggle normals etc)…

you wouldnt happen to know a way to fix that too? (A)

i can only do it a bit by cheating and making a node and let JMonkey draw it…

That's not cheating  :? it's using the engine as it's meant to be used…

well, yeah, that would be true, but i would like to draw them myself :stuck_out_tongue:

and a little offtopic… but would anyone know how to get the Camera bound in world coordinates?

i can get location ,direction, and far plane… but how would i get width and height?

(im sorry for all these questions…)

nvm :)  ((LWJGLCamera)this.getCamera()).getWidth() and  ((LWJGLCamera)this.getCamera()).getHeight() works for that.