Drift, JavaFX & JME

Anyone aware of DRIFT for JavaFX? It would allow mixing JavaFX and JMonekyEngine JFX Days Zurich 2018: DRIFT Announcement - YouTube

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It is my understanding that javafx is just slow in a game environment. It’s designed for desktop applications, not a high frame-rate game. There have been at least 2 attempts at creating a jme-jfx bridge. Both suffer the same downfall. Slow and excessive.

Thanks for the reply.
Actually, DRIFT would allow better 3d integration in JavaFX desktop applications, better than what JavaFX already supports.

It looks like drift is using its own opengl bindings. That could be an issue for getting jme3 hooked to it.

I use JavaFX in my MMO space game using the JMEtoJFX bridge and also mix javaFX with Lemur. When properly done it REALLY gives you a great looking solution with zero issues.


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From what I’ve seen, the JME to JFX bridge can be slow, but only in one direction. If you embed JME inside a JFX Scene Graph, you’re probably not going to get to 60FPS (based on my tests a few months back). I wasn’t really caught off guard with that. But I was seeing thousands of FPS (uncapped) when JFX was embedded inside JME. That definitely was unexpected. But I never did get to serious testing or verifying that it didn’t have glitches, etc.

@zissis I’m guessing in the screenshot above, that’s JFX embedded inside JME with “JmeFxContainer”? Looks awesome by the way, I love the UI customizations. What kind of framerates are you able to get?

The GUI is all JFX … the Icons on the tiles are lemur embedded in JFX with 3D view ports so that my icons can rotate. The JFX bridge is great and does not drop your frame rate at all since it’s running in it’s own thread. I use Lemur in the space scene for ship selectors because JFX does not track fast moving objects properly because it does not run in the JME thread. If you want a solid and feature ritch gui framework then the JFX bridge is for you. I even created a Lemur panel that can contain a JFX pane so I have the luxury of mixing and matching JFX and Lemur all day long.