Dynamically generate Sky map


I am trying to find the best way to dynamically generate a sky map.

I have looked at several related topics but the links on them are broken…

What I am trying to acheive…

I have created a sky scene. The sky scene changes but not to a degree that it requires rendering every frame so I had an idea of rendering the sky scene to a texture cube map at a much lower frequency as an optimization and to use that on a sky box.

I have been trying to find some examples of rendering a scene to a skybox, ie 6 renders to 6 framebuffers and using the textures to map the texture cube. This would make a great saving if for example the sky scene was rendered once every second or less.

Is using a texture cube map the way to go or is there a better way? Looking at the examples I have they only load the texture cube map from a dds file. It also looks like the texture cube map helper only accepts images instead of textures.

Maybe creating my own skybox and material that uses a texture array to reduce texture states would be the answer?

Also, would producing 6 scene renders create a seemless panarama? Does anyone know what are the ideal camera settings for this?

Are there any examples which demostrate what I am trying to achieve?

You help and guidance on this is greatly appreciated :smile: