Eclipse plugins

Hey, I was wondering if anyone with Eclipse plugin development experience has any time to create plugin’s for Eclipse for jmonkey. I’d like to be able to build a distribution without opening up Netbeans and also be able to control jmonkey library updates directly from Eclipse.

If nobody has time, interest or Eclipse knowledge, I could put something together. I just can’t get to it until the end of the year.

We could use this thread for Eclipse plugin feature requests if you like.

There will be OSGi packages for the jME3 libraries when the stable release is coming. Apart from that if you know Eclipse, you can perfectly well build a jME3 application with it just like any other application, also update the libraries semi-automatically. Personally I’d find it sad to see development energy wasted just because of minor differences between two IDE’s. Creating the same editors, converters and loaders for all IDE’s would just be impossible… What do you want from eclipse that you cannot apply to a jME3 project? And why do you not want to “open NetBeans” even if you don’t have to code in it but just edit some models or scenes? As stated in multiple places, you can easily code with eclipse, even in a SDK-created project… Or edit assets with the SDK in an eclipse-created project.

It depends on what you mean by ‘distribution’, but the ant script included in the Subversion repository should do the trick I’d think.

EDIT: @normen beat me to it, but he hit the nail on the head. Eclipse works fine with jME3, I use it every day.

I am developing in Eclipse but I understood distribution builds have to be done in Netbeans. I’ll take a look at the ant script.

We don’t use the platform for anything because it’s all in Netbeans.

When you use the ant project as the SDK creates it you get the distribution formats that are supported and tested out of the box, if not then you’ll have to rely on your own abilities. I guessed that was the reason you use Eclipse, because you know how to use it to create applications?

Yeah, I’ve been using Eclipse (or WSAD or RAD) for years and before that it was JBuilder. I’ve tried using Netbeans a few times but it lacks a lot of things and is a bit ugly, in my opinion.

I’ve had some problems with the build path getting jmonkey from svn; I have to look into the dependencies a bit more. Once I track down all the import problems and get the JAR’s we need in the build path in the right order, I’ll write a note on the Ecilpse page. I’m a bit confused about the JOGL JAR’s right now.

We’ve been using one of the last nightly builds available, but there are no zips after August, so I’d like to set us up directly from svn.

I know there are developers that only want to use Eclipse over netbeans, because of this and that etc…

But guys…seriously…those IDE are the same…

JMP however is far better for developing games with JME3, because it’s what it’s made for… I know there is place for improvement, but seeing a concurrent project for eclipse just seems a waste of time and effort to me…

I know there are developers that only want to use Eclipse over netbeans, because of this and that etc…

You know that's only encouraging another Mac vs PC thread in the vein of Eclipse vs NetBeans ;)

Frankly, I understand perfectly well where @scottmcmasters is coming from. Eclipse feels better refined to me and, more importantly, has a workflow better suited to my way of doing things.

As for any Eclipse build issues, you should be able to check it directly out of SVN and it will auto-compile with all dependencies already resolved. @EmpirePhoenix and I have both done work on the Eclipse project in the past in order to keep it up to date.
but it lacks a lot of things

What exactly you need? What is lacking in your opinion? Maybe I can help. As NetBeans is the default reference implementation for java IDE's there is plugins for any type of use really, be it databases, web/REST, hibernate etc etc.. Also its fully OSGi compatible, so you can install any library thats available as an OSGi bundle too..

Dont take it personall y but just like you prefer mac over windwos I prefer eclipse over netbeans. For example guided usability, i have ven problems ot get JMP toa ccept the svn i use with eclipse for everything. Missing direct build only over stupid scripts ect. Point is why should i switch and have lots of work to feeling more or elss comfortable when i can jsut stay with eclipse.

@ Scott scottmcmasters

just use a svn pluginin of choice and checkout the engine folder in the svn, rest should work then

I don’t take it personally at all, I just want to know whats the issue. I can code in Eclipse as well as in NetBeans and I’d always prefer the IDE thats suited for the task (e.g. I use Eclipse for GWT). I outlined in a very detailed manner why I prefer Macs over PCs for my personal requirements but I never heard any such reasons from an Eclipse user (except “I like better how SWT looks”). The issues you pointed at are not really valid, you are not forced to always build the project via the script, I already told you that. If some Eclipse users really feel forced to use Eclipse because of some actual feature I’d like to know so that I can point SDK users at solutions.

Well the Netbeans uses many different shortcuts. I for example amused to sue strg+shift+o+ and in netbeans it just feels wierd when nothing happnens, or not what i expect.

You can set the “Eclipse” shortcut preference and get the same shortcut mappings as in Eclipse.

Not sure what you’re missing. I’m using JME with eclipse and I am not in need of any plugins besides the standard eclipse dev environment. Just create your own projects with a dependency to the JME project.

Just out of curiosity. The people trying to do/test Android using JME are they doing it on Eclipse or on Netbeans?

Side note:

I am using Eclipse for all my JME development, for no other reason then I am used to it.

The people trying to do/test Android using JME are they doing it on Eclipse or on Netbeans?

Both actually. @larynx uses Eclipse for development and testing afaik, the rest of the team that has android devices tests it with the SDK.

The people should facilitate the things. If I use eclipse it doesn’t means I have to use eclipse for everything. We have to know using both eclipse and netbeans xD. In my work I use eclipse(because everyone from there uses eclipse :|). But using eclipse instead of jMonkeyPlataform is a big waste. I don’t advise it for anybody xD.