Eclipse questions

usually you have to check out jme form cvs once (that might take some time on dial-up: ~53 MB -> 2 hours?). the best is if you can do that somewhere else (no dial up) and take the files with you home.

after that all what you have to do is update from cvs (in eclipse right click on the project: team -> update) that will just download the latest changes.

not quite true, even if I had another place where I could use cvs, synchronization would still kick in and seek to verify every file before update and on dialup that just as long as a check at timeā€¦in my experience anyway. I did however find a solution I'v pulled an archive I kept of cvs and I'm updating i.e. replacing/syncing it, some packages at a time.

incidentally cleaning and refreshing the projects seemed to clear up the "weird issues" :? from before

thanks though

afaik synching files is just passing checksums around (which goes pretty fast)

i used to update jme from cvs on dialup quite often some time ago.

I've had syncing take 1:30 mins before