Eclipse tooltips for jME 0.9

I'm having a problem with my daily workflow:

As some people might know, you can configure eclipse to tell it, where the source code of a jar (let's say jme.jar for example) resides.

This leeds to useful tooltips when hovering the cursor over classes and methods (the text from the javadoc shows up).

My problem is:

For jME0.8 and jME0.9 there are only javadoc available - and when I configure jme.jar in a way, that it knows, where the javadoc is, those tooltips do not show up.

Do you know a solution?

Import the source from CVS into an eclipse project. Then put it on the build path of your own project. Not only will you have javadoc available, you can also peek into the source of jME when you feel like it.

That's what I was doing,

my problem is, that I am currently porting from a software using jme 0.8 to using jme 0.9

For the jme 0.8 I have the same problem:

Only a javadoc is available for download - the things that changed since the release (removed packages, removed methods, changed syntax).

Sorry, for not having been precise enough on my problem…

I think you should be able to check out jME 0.8 or jME 0.9 (they should be tagged in CVS).

ok, I tried some things for the last hour.

With this command:

cvs -d checkout -P -r 0.8 -- jme (in directory C:CVSJME0.8)

I see normal activity in my cvs client, but only empty directories are received and deleted afterwards...

There is no tag named "0.8" - it even seems there are no tags at all for version 0.8 :frowning:

existing tags:





Seems you have to figure out an approximate date…

ok, thank you,


How can I find out which tags are available?