Empty scene has 456 triangles

I’ve been created empty project on Android, rootNode is empty, guiNode - only simpleApplication stats and fps labels. And I have 456 triangles (912 vertices). Where? How to find and remove them?

I think those might be your statistics.
The font showing you that information also has triangles and verts.

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Same app for windows shows 16 vertices. Statistics - default simpleApplication this.setDisplayStatView(true);

This is very surprising… do you have a screen shot?
@Robbi_Blechdose is right the 456 triangles belong to the stat view and fps view.

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There is a dark quad behind the stats. Each letter displayed in the stats is a quad. Each quad has 4 vertexes and 2 triangles.

456/2 = 228
912/4 = 228

So there are 228 quads visible. Seems like that could be reasonable for the stats display.

The stats are counted on Windows, too… so if you only see 16 your computer is an alternate reality where time and space have folded onto themselves. Be careful.


It’s interesting how nobody’s ever made an exclusion for it, especially since this has been misleading people for years.

I mean the thing that counts geometries should be able to exclude itself from the count pretty easily, right? And I don’t really see a situation where one would need to know how many quads the debug menu renders.

Well, if you must debug your game’s performance you should know exactly how much is its load, independently on its source. Maybe there can be an option about counting or not quads in stats views, but i think that understanding what those 400 extra triangles come from shall be enough too.

In the other hand, it is really strange that your application counts only 16 vertices on Windows.

How does the thing that counts geometries (the renderer) know the difference between one geometry and the next? Is there a chance that goes wrong? Is it better to show the real count or some made up possibly wrong count? Does a few hundred quads that are part of one or two geometries really matter in the performance of your app?

Stats displays, performance monitors, profilers and such have always proven to be deadly traps for beginners :wink:

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Sure, but it’s not like running your game with the debug menu open is the usual way it runs. The debug menu is supposed to show info about the stuff you’re debugging, not itself.

Simple, get the count of everything, then subtract the count of the stuff it has direct local references to, i.e. the bitmaptexts and the background quad. I doubt it can ever get it wrong that way. It doesn’t matter for performance which is exactly why it shouldn’t be shown - to make the display less misleading imho.

All I know is beginner bone powder sells for $500 a pound. :wink:

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I’m a bit skeptical about this, i think that 400 triangles are not so influent to performance to justify changing the stats the engine shows.

That’s exactly my point! It’s so negligible that it should be hidden from the stats so you get an actually correct count of geometries for once and stop misleading people that then post a thread like this every few months.

Although in reality, nobody’s ever gonna bother to actually make any changes to the debug view for the next 10 years so my argument here is moot.

Well, we are still waiting for your patch that isn’t complicated and doesn’t break anything else.

Yeah I’m a part of the group that won’t bother for sure. :smiley:

I think my code can’t be trusted for the engine.

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I fixed it for you,

scroll down a little to see setDisplayStatView(false);

Heheh, it’s really the only accurate fool-proof way of not including the stats in the stats view.


And it’s tough to point to the flaws in code that doesn’t exist… and I’ve had this conversation too many times now to reiterate why it’s hard and/or won’t ever work right.