Enable VSync by default

Currently the default for “VSync” in AppSettings is false:

As far as I know, the main use of VSync=false is crude performance testing. Most JME applications should enable VSync, but like gamma correction, it’s a detail that’s easily overlooked.

Since we’ve started changing AppSettings defaults, perhaps now (i.e. JMonkeyEngine 3.4) is the time to change the default for VSync to true.

If there are questions or concerns, please speak up!


Do it!


There is another… With GSync/Freesync it is supposed to be off as far as I understand. Just thought I’d mention.

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What’s GSynch/Freesync?

Its a technology that syncs the monitor to a fixed frame rate to remove tearing completely without the input lag usually inherited from enabling v-sync.

Gsync is nVidia, FreeSync is ATi.


What would be required to use Gsync or FreeSync with JMonkeyEngine?

disable vsync.

I don’t think it requires support from the game. From what I read the monitor adjusts its framerate to match the output using a module on the monitor itself.


disable vsync.

Easy enough to do. If Gsync or FreeSync becomes the norm, we can easily change our default back to false.

If there’s nothing more to discuss, I’ll go ahead and commit the change.

Edit: That’s done: SHA1 hash=f34e660.