Engine or lightweight for C++ game devs

Hello guys.
I just started learn C++ game development.
Can someone suggest an 3D game engine like JME for C++ developers?
(Like JME I mean open source, OpenGL and good community supported like JME).
Also it’s good idea make own engine or the wasted time not worth it?
(If yes / no what problems I can have?)
Any good tutorials / books / videos would be cool.
At least let’s make discussions about it :wink:

EDIT: The good part is that I can learn more advanced C++ programming, design patterns for C++ game development, but learning language is not the goal.
Actually the goal is:
Making right architecture game, and learn the good parts and solutions in game development.
The problems which can cause on development stage.
As target I decide to use OpenGL and make something cross platform.
Like lot of others, my dream is to make MMORPG / MOBA games with big scalability, but I understand I need learn basics and practice for go in to. So currently target is to make some “Tower Defense” game, and study problems, solutions, technologies.

I’m not too informed on c++ engines, but I know that Panda3d supports c++ in addition to python and cython. Its a worth looking into if you are interested in engines that are similar to JME, but isn’t in java.

I suppose http://www.ogre3d.org/ has some similarities with JME, might be worth a go.

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I guess the unreal engine might be an interesting choice if you do something shooter related. After all it is opensource by now.

Really? But not free to use i guess?

I wouldn’t recommend doing an engine on your own, trust me.

I did something for Android once ago and it worked pretty well for it’s things (2D sprites), it was quite easy, but the Problem is the stuff around:

Model loaders, enhancements like all the filtering, buffering, premade Shaders, maths stuff, Physics Implementation.

Other than that if there is no real reason to not use jme, i’d rather learn c++ using something different, because you spend much time learning the internas of the engines

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Thanks all for suggestions, I should try ogre.
I think need libraries / framework which will take care about assets management and some math part like Darkchaos said, so I will not waste valuable time to make engine etc…
Anyone have experience with Ogre (In community and documentation / tutorials case) or any other suggestions?

Well Unreal Engine is free to use, you just pay royalties when you start selling products made using it. However Unreal Engine lets you get away with a lot of stuff without writing any code at all if you want.

For be honest I need go in to game development at all, not like drag and drop and you have the game :slight_smile:
If someone interesting I found nice presentation from Valve which can be useful Youtube

You can also start with Irrlicht Engine, it’s a bit easier to understand than Ogre, you can move later once you feel more comfortable with c++ development.

however, remember that both Irrlicht and Ogre3D are rendering engines, so you need to add a physics library (bullet is recommended) and audio library yourself. Panda3D on c++ and urho3D (I recomend this for c+) have all that integrated so you don’t have to go all the work and just code.

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It would probably help others to know what your primary goal is. It seems from your own parts in this discussion that even you haven’t really decided yet… and that’s ok… but it makes it harder to give advice.

For example: is your primary goal to learn C++, to learn how game engines work, or to make a game?

Those priorities have distinctly different answers.

Edit: note that if you know what kind of game you want to make, that is also useful information.

Thanks for suggestions. I’m still in the research.

Good idea, I updated the post.

You can try Godot Engine, unity like in C++ :wink:

Hi haze, have looked at Godot, seems like too magic is going there for me :wink: thanks

If you want to build a C++ engine from scratch then have a look at the video tutorials on my website. I’ve been building games and engines for many years. It is a lot of work, but quite rewarding if that is something you are into :smile:

Hi MarekKnowsws, thanks for reply. I will look at it.