Error in javadoc of FastMath.atan

there is a minor (but important) error in the FastMath.atan method’s javadoc:

[java]public static float atan(float fValue)
Returns the arc tangent of an angle given in radians.
fValue - The angle, in radians.
fValue’s atan
See Also:

The Math.atan method does it right. You can read a suitable javadoc there.

Usually, you do not put angles into inverse triogonometric functions like arctangens (atan).
Usually, you get angles from them and put edge-ratios in there…

Yeah that’s silly. I guess that’s a copy/paste from the tan method.
Thanks for reporting


btw - did you find out why my blendswap building’s lightmaps didn’t work?
(the blendswap arcade model with two uv-maps, one for lightmap and one for diffuse texture)