Exciting times ahead for me

Hey monkeys,

I have some exciting times ahead of me as I will drop out of my workplace at Theater Bremen in summer 2014. Mostly due to personal reasons and because I started to come home angry every evening :frowning: I move back to my home island where I have some real estate and will work as a freelancer. I will mainly work in audio engineering and audio installation as well as on some audio software that I planned for some time now. Generally I want to be able to free myself up for projects of all kind more, I have to say “no” too often because of the theater work times atm.

I put this out here because this might of course also mean that I will find less (contiguous) time for jME during phases where I have lots to do. The work at the theater with some rehearsals that only required me to move a fader or press play here or there allow me to put in a lot of “in between” time to the forum and coding the engine. I do want to continue working on the engine and eventually even make some money with it, be it with games or assets, but I can’t make it top priority right away as its not really a safe bank if you know what I mean :slight_smile:

So as most of my planning time goes to this topic already I just thought I’d let you know whats up. And of course also that from summer 2014 latest you can contact me for audio engineering, sound design, music composition etc for your games, too :wink:



But… but… who will take care of the rtfm’s?

On a more serious note… there are islands in Germany?

Seriously now, thx for all the great tools and stuff (yah, taking a short-cut :D) and help on the forums. Selfishly hoping you’ll still get lots of free-time ^^.

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Ah! That explains why we’ve seen less posts from you. I thought the noobs (us mainly) had gotten to you. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for getting back home angry after work, yeah, I’ve been there and it’s a good thing to bow out and do something else. When that happened I had this recurring dream where I was killing my boss… Was time to move on before making it true. :wink: Anyway, I do get where you’re coming from. It’s a tough decision to make; going from a relatively solid situation to where you don’t know what will happen.

Hang tight, congrats and welcome to freedom. :smiley:

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Are you really giving 15 months notice period or was is supposed to be summer 2013? If former, hats off :wink:

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Good luck with your projects normen! Keep us posted :slight_smile: <3

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@abies said: Are you really giving 15 months notice period or was is supposed to be summer 2013? If former, hats off ;)

He really gave 15 months notice. The theater world is crazy. :slight_smile:

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Hey man! I hope you will be cool! Good times will back to you! We all love you! You have been doing amazing things for JME Engine!

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You didn’t clear this with me??!

Who do I ask all my moronic questions about the physics engine to now? :wink: One of these days, I should actually try using it… /sigh

Anyways, this all sounds really exciting. Sounds like it’s gonna take a bit to get there… will you keep us up to date as things progress?

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Considering you never sleep, I guess we’ll barely notice a change :wink:


This sounds very similar to my own situation, I am planning to do something similar and go freelance.
On the other hand, I guess there will come a time when the “safe bank” software is ticking over nicely and paying the bills and it won’t need any major version updates for a few months. Then full dedication can be given to making 3d magic without any “real-life” work and annoying bosses/customers in the way. I certainly hope that is how it works for normen. :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys’n’gals! Yes, it is 2014 and the island is called “Sylt”, its in the very very far north-west of Germany and considered the “island of the rich and the beautiful”, a high profile touristic center, I’ll also make some money with renting rooms for tourists. My free time already goes towards this whole thing for preparations etc. so I already have fewer time, hence I thought I should mention it. Monkeychops’ rundown basically hits the nail on the head, I hope this only is the calm before the storm :wink:

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Thanks for all your great work on jME. You did a lot of good things.

Sylt looks beautiful from the picutures on Google Maps.

Good luck with all your plans. I hope it works out well.

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