Exporting models with textures/maps for jME

Hi there,

I hope someone can enlighten me a bit on how to export objects with textures and bumpmaps from EG. 3ds Max8.

When I export to .3ds, the only option I have is "Preserve MAX's Texture Coordinates". It doesn't export any maps along with the .3ds mesh data.

However, the wavefront .OBJ export utility, has options like "Use Materials", "Create material library" and "Export maps". Never the less, I can't get it to export maps.

When I download free 3ds models from 3d resources on the net, they do have map files included, and most of them imports nicely into jME just by feeding the MaxToJme FormatConverter with the .3ds file. (and by setting the "texurl" property).

Do I need some special utility to connect maps with 3ds/Obj/mtl files, or should I always manually load and apply the textures / maps in jME?