External Map Loading support

Hello everyone!

As this is my first post, I would like to congratulate the jme team for its great work!!!

I think jme is the best open source java game engine out there and I've done quite a research

since I'm going to use to use jme for my final year project in the Uni. in order to create a Java 3D

FPS game.

Since I'm a programmer and not an artist most of my effort will be on designing the AI module

of the game and writing the code to put the game together using freely available content(art, models, sound,etc.)

Since I only have 2 months time to do that before I start writing my report I wouldn't really like to

bother in creating my own levels (although mojo's new game tutorial is excellent), same way I don't bother

with models and use free .md2 models.

So I would really like to know, if there's going to be any support for loading external maps

(such as quake 3 maps) into jme any time soon? I've seen that the feature list for version 0.10

includes BSP trees and portals but I'm not sure if that implies that there will be any importers

for such files. I've also read a few topics about quake 3 map loaders but thesee where almost a year ago.

Is there something that I'm missing? Is there some other way to load free maps for my game?

Thanks for any help in advance!



Well, using MonkeyWorld3D you should be able to create your own maps relatively painlessly and utilize them in your game.  You might look into that.

PS - Welcome. :slight_smile:


Thanx for the tip!

I didn't realize a version was released…


Yeah, it’s pretty hard to find, but this should help: