F.R.C. Robotics competition today

Chaos Incorporated

Well as none of you know I’ve been busy

lately programming and with school and such, but my latest involvment has been the F.R.C. First Robotics

competition. A lot of work has gone into our robot and despite many technical issues we

actually left last year in 3rd rank after we were bumped from first due to inadequate Q.S. unfortunately only the winning team gets to go to ATL but it was a very cool experience to see how both electrical and mechanical engineering along with computer science can come together to fabricate something of its on.

Today is the begining of this years competition and if we can maintain a certain rank for the next three days we could be going to ATL, Georgia

Robotics Competition

oh man I completely forgot to add/take pics of last years robotic competion because i remember members asking for some.

Robotics Competition This year

I’ve taken some pics pre competition they are not the completed pics but its still kind of cool and I’m not in any of them as I took them one night when everybody went home except for the mentors.