Fading a Picture Object

I have a JME3 question about a Picture manipulation and, also, I am new to JME development.

I created a new Picture object, defined it position and size and content and attached the Picture as a Child to the guiNode.  It displays just fine.

After a few seconds I want to be able to fade the picture away and do not know how.  I was looking for an opacity value or something.  I was looking through the Spacial, Material and Texture objects and do not know the best approach here.  It does not need to be a fancy 3D thing to get the job done.  Any advice on how to fade a Picture using JME3?

Thanks in advance for your help.

If you're using setTexture() on the Picture, make sure useAlpha is true there. Then you can just set the color variable on the material to control opacity, like:

// half transparency
myPicture.getMaterial().setColor("m_Color", new ColorRGBA(1, 1, 1, 0.5f));

Not using a texture now…but I can try adding one to it…would this be a transparent texture of some kind? I will have to experiment…thanks for the lead.