Failed to run jme3test demo

As caption says, jme3test.TestChooser class wasn't found in JmeTests project.

This error occurs when I followed the jme3-beginner-guide Page 15.

Any solutions?


I read that book pretty recently actually – unfortunately I have not ever messed with the JME3 Tests. I found this thread JME3 Tests project is missing code

I’m wondering if that is maybe still an issue? I’m at work so I can’t mess with it myself right now unfortunately … maybe someone else can chime in or perhaps you can take a screenshot of what your packages and source folder look like in the SKD? I’m wondering if maybe they’re still missing.

So far myself I have just copy pasted code from the wiki examples and whatnot. That TestWalkingChar file I actually am familiar with as I was just messing with it the other day and it has a couple of issues with the animation layers and the BombControl import.

In the meantime I would keep reading and skip over that part or else maybe mess a bit with the wiki demo codes which most of them work off the wiki page but some have updated code that is just not on the wiki yet All updated wiki code

Maybe someone else can chime on on the state of the JME3 Tests

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Thanks for the reply! I have investigated into the code.

the src folder contains no files, therefore jme3test.TestChooser class wasn't found exception shall be expected to be raised.

A gif screenshot is provided. Click here to enlarge.

Jul-09-2022 21-38-09

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Yep, unfortunately it is broken.


cool gif! Yeah that book is super good a few things are going to be outdated - the animation system has also changed since those books were written but there is still a lot of useful concepts and most of the code is going to work. hope you are still able to find some interesting things to work with

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