Falling Ball

Hello hello,

I am very very very new to JMonkey and i am trying to create something very simple.

I am trying to make a ball fall.

The only problem is: how do i make a animation with a falling ball.

I already have a ball. But i can't find the correct documentation to make a object (node) move from A to B.

Can someone help me with this question?



The best way is to start with tutorials on the wiki to understand how jME works. You will find how to move an object and how to create nodes.

The simple way would be to use "setLocalTranslation()" to move the object(ball) in "update()"/"simpleUpdate()".

The more real way would be using the physics engine of jME to simulate more real behaviour of the ball when it hit the ground (jumping up again/ rolling around).

But for you at your stage you should probably first learn how jME works before looking at Physics.