Feature 3d glasses post-processor


I don’t have enough knowledge to implement post-processor effects. But I have an idea. Can the colors values of a certain pixel be shifted to a different position?

Stereoscopy creates the illusion of three-dimensional depth from images on a two-dimensional plane


So with 3d glasses this could be a nice feature for jme

Also consider not over-using this. A cool usecase would be the 3d minesweeper game that’s participating in the contest.



Have a look at http://hub.jmonkeyengine.org/groups/general-2/forum/topic/stereoscopic-3d-as-post-processor/.

For anyone interested in this topic I highly recommend watching “Stereoscopic 3D Demystified: From Theory to Implementation in STARCRAFT II (Presented by NVIDIA)” from GDC11. (sorry, no way to direct link, the video is about 3 pages down in the first list, or search the page for ‘stereo’), it covers pretty much everything you will ever need to know :slight_smile: