(February 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

So I had to familiarize myself with Adobe After Effects recently and thought ‘man, that keyframe-thing-animation-stuff is really neat.’
That’s why I did this (fullscreen recommended):


Here is my fully functional Anime/Cartoon shader:

Look at that glorious mushroom! And with a space skybox in the background, this could be a flat rectangular mushroom planet!


What many game dev noobs don’t know: Keyframe animation is often used for scenes with heavy physics simulation - it’s not an actual real-time-physics-sim but precomputed and saved as animation paths for all the objects that take part in the “physics sim” at runtime. :chimpanzee_smile:

If I could add just one comment: Don’t use a coordinate arrow cross like that. At least make the rear end of your arrows have a different shape than the point of the arrows. Otherwise the user doesn’t know which way the arrows are pointing. I’m using the default arrow cross from jME and it is good, because it only points into the 3 positive directions.

Awesome! It looks really professional. What system did you use for the GUI?

Impressive ! what’s the technology for UI?

Is that thing open source?

Simulating physics makes a lot of sense.

Also I’m going to try it the way you suggested, thanks for the advice!


It’s just Swing :smiley:
Using a nice Look and Feel really makes a big difference, really makes it look professional (whether it is or not).

The source… well, you can get it here

But it’s really horrible, like…
Some parts I wrote years ago when I just got into programming, so I’m probably breaking a lot of conventions and don’t even get started about Design Patterns… didn’t know these existed until quiet recently.
What I’m trying to say is: Sure, have a look at the source, play around or make it your own, but please don’t banish me for I have sinned.

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Thank you very much :slight_smile: I’m interested in many little things you do into your GUI and I’m curious to see how you achieved it, to get maybe better solutions or design than mine ^^ No judgement of course !

Talking about GUI, here is the new look and feel for Alchemist, our entity editor ! We hope you like it.

We are currently refactoring its architecture, then we will extract it from the video game project it is built from, then… it will be open-sourced in alpha for you all monkeys :slight_smile:

Two weeks, maybe three? There will be a thread.

Cheers !


JavaFX 8

Looks neat!
Is it swing? Or JavaFX?
Curious about your extendable Panels on the right, since I’m not all that satisfied with mine (from the SwingX library).

thx ^^

Where did you get the L&F from? Did you create it? I’m in the middle of a Swing project in addition to my game and I am wondering if the license of that L&F allows me to use it.

It’s called tiny look and feel and comes with a little editor.

I messed up engine colors today, resulting in magic exaust.

Found it slightly funny. :smile:




This is joker’s spaceship, indeed.
Well you have to add a smile ofcourse :joy:

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They’ve gone to plaid!

As a side note, I should totaly add that into the game. And hope that MGM doesn’t sue…

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I started to construct the main hud. As you can see there are currently two graphs: one for your ship’s electric power levels and the other for the shield status. Both graphs are linear with the maximum value being the max power your ship can hold. I tried using some sqrt and log graphs but they weren’t as good. I’m still not sure what to put in the middle yet.

The shield indicator is manually set to 100% as they aren’t yet implemeted, but I’ve coded the power system in the past few days. Here’s is how it works:

These are Mk1 Reactors that have been in the game for ages, but did nothing. Anyway now they and the command pods generate electric power and store it.

Engines, weapons and other function modules then use this power to operate. So if you don’t have enough reactors your ship will run out of power shutting down engines and weapons untill power recharges.


Just a side note:
Shouldn’t it be “Energy” or “Capacity” then? Since Energy is the Integral of Power.

If you have more weapons than generators, you have a negative power amount which draws/consumes Energy. So you turn off weapons to have a positive power amount again which adds energy.

Other than that I really like it since it’s nothing pre-built :slight_smile:

Voting for thrust! :wink:

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