(February 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

Oh. Right. Didn’t give that much thought really, I’ll be changing that asap. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well currently weapons and engines only draw power when shooting/moving so you basicly regenerate it as soon as you stop using them. I should add some idle power use probably.

Using the default jme3.ui.Picture too, nothing fancy.

Hey good idea! I might put some other statistics too, like speed, mass, overall damage, perhaps coordinates? :smiley:

And a mini map!

Do you know of any good examples of 3D minimaps? I’ve actually failed to make one that looks well multiple times. And then there’s the 2D guiNode that flat out massacres any perspective…

If you have an elliptic plane, you can check the elite dangerous minimap. it’s quite readable.

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No. Command and Conquer says: The more power stations you build, the more energy you have and even when laser turrets looking like a scorpion shoot their laser beams, there is no spike in energy consumption and when no enemy is near then the laser turrets just make a fancy lasershow inside for the Nod people and their disco - so whether weapons shoot or not is the same in terms of power consumption.
Command and Conquer must be right, because it worked.

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Really like the HUD. Maybe somewhwere on the screen add a display which shows how many parts have you already lost and how many do you still have.

check the bottom right!
It autozooms also based on presence, if no enemys are near it zoom out till there are some,
if no enemys are present, it zooms so that you have the x nearest friendlies displayed and can better navigate.

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Yep I’ll be doing something close to that and the one from Elite. Btw I made some upgrades/fixes:

Speed is measured in c and I’ve also modified the rigidbodies to have a cosmic speed limit according to the lorentz factor (i could put up a short guide if anyone thinks that one could find it useful). It’s not 300.000 of course but about 7000 units per second (one unit is about half an armor module).

Now the warp drive is the only way to travel faster than c, and the default speed appears to be 3.57c. I should add a way to tweak that once you’re at warp. I’m thinking the lowest warp speed should be 1.5c then you can add warp coil modules to improve the max warp factor.
Oh and shields will have to be deactivated to allow warping. Those high quantity tachyon emissions completely collapse the warp field. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mass is adjusted so the mk1 command pods weigh as much as 2 double decker buses and are supposed to be about the same size too (5m5m10m).

Acceleration is really in sort of arbitrary units arm, probably gonna convert that to Gs.


At first sight I thought that you made that game! :chimpanzee_closedlaugh:

I wish I had their assets :slight_smile: most of the rest should be possible within jme.

@Empire_Phoenix: I would really like to see pictures or a vid of your game… plz, plz, plz?

@MoffKalast: Oh yes, shield deactivation before warping is a great idea. I like the idea of:

  • ships having to calculate next jump before warping. Maybe longer the distance, longer the calculations, with addons allowing to speed up the calculations
  • ability to reduce or remove shields to increase fire power
  • certain types of repair would require stopping engines and/or lowering the shield

Same as Ogli, for a second I was hoping we had your own little version of the X universe already finish xD

I wonder if any of the moded ship could be used in the engine tho. Always looking for new scavangable models :innocent:

Don’t mean to change the subject here, but Vulkan API 1.0 has been released. Get your beta drivers while they’re still hot.

We can all rejoice now!


How dare you?!? Don’t you know that this thread is for talking about hard drives and JavaFX trouble shooting?

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Ok, I will return to my little cave…


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Ok here maybe something more to the topic

Something I’m working on. I try to make the mechanic for pick and place items, open close doors, that kind of stuff. But currently I only can go through the rooms and switch the floors. The switch is currently way to fast but it works, so …


And for my next trick… Heh, I’ve started initial work on an audio spectrum analyzer for Carpe Diem. I figure it might be nice to have something to look at while waiting for your friends to finish their turn :smile:

I plan on eventually having a multitude of visual effects for this, but for now just the basic bars. Oh, and this will most likely only support Ogg. While the music player supports MP3 I was, as of yet anyway, unable to find a way to access the raw samples for a decoded MP3 file through the JavaFX MediaPlayer and thus unable to analyze those samples.

For Ogg I made some slight modifications to the LwjglAudioRenderer class and then wrote my own class that handles reading the decoded stream, uploading it to OpenAL, etc…


Hm since I’m kinda asked to provide some kind of screenshot :smile:
Here is my current progress: New Server! And hopefully something from the game then along the days, once I actually got back to working on it. (Currently fixed a few things with the jfx integation, now the inventory system should be kinda straight forward)


Texture painting

Video here