(February 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

Wow, that looks amazing, how is it done? Can it work with textures (as in overlaying an image onto another image)?

90% math 10% magic.
Basically it works this way:

  1. Find which triangles intersects with the brush
  2. Get the uv of their vertices
  3. Convert them to pixel positions
  4. Use the pixel positions to find every pixel inside the triangle
  5. Convert every pixel to a position inside the 3d world
  6. Use the position to set the correct color to the pixel

For now i calculate the distance of the pixel (in 3d space) from the center of the brush and if it’s smaller than something i give the pixel a random color.
My next steep will be to convert the absolute position of the pixel in something relative to the brush and then pass it to a per-pixel-function inside the brush that will set the color.
So, yes. Once it will be complete, it will.


That’s makes it 100% magic to me :stuck_out_tongue:


OpenKeeper team wishes everyone a productive February!


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Inventory work in progress stuff. Today autogeneration of images from j3o files


Everyone screenshot look awsome! :smile:

Very early stages of a 2.5d ‘pixel graphic’ engine. The sprites are outlined with random colours for testing, I don’t plan on using this as a “highlighter”, but rather for subtle toon outlines. The character models and textures are randomised for testing.

Interesting bits and possible contributions that have arisen so far during dev:

Faster Gaussian Blur :: I have been testing a faster method for generating Gaussian Blur over my last several projects, and it appears to be working flawlessly. Each pass (vertical and horizontal) uses 5 samples rather than the standard 9, leveraging bilinear filtering on the GPU to get the same results.

Outliner Material :: A simple material that adds an outline to a spatial. This allows for a different outline colour and thickness per object, and multiple or even animated outline colours (which the Cartoon Edge Filter can’t do ?). It uses whatever material is currently set on the object and appends an outline.

Pixel Enhancer :: A very simple little shader to highlight the game pixels (which are currently 4x4 screen pixels).

Screen Aligned Graphics :: nothing too fancy here, the sprites are snapped to screen pixels, in 3d space, kinda neat.


Really interested in the blur and the outline material


A very interesting article about fatser gaussian blur, linear time. Once understood it’s not hard to implement.

This was my source, looks like a similar deal, it really is very simple stuff =)

For a nice “pixel art” style, take a look at the work of deepnight: http://deepnight.net/
I guess you should be able to create nice filter.

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SkyHussars R2 release. Unfortunately I got pretty lazy by the middle of the month,but here is the new stuff:

Basic shooting mechanics
Basic daynight settings
Fov management with mouse buttons
More fluid controls


Just realized that there were some wrong values inside my code that were leading to the pixelated result of my previous video (the brush area was exceeding the selected triangles).
Now with the fix:



One new mob, a flying one.


@ZoltanTheHun Give that camera some slerp. Cameras love slerps.

@Riccardo That’s awesome, I’m looking foreward to the final version :smile:

Give me some time :smile:

Yeah, softbody constraints are out !


whoaa the rope looks really great

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Yes . the rope is really really good. Thanks @Dokthar . I am very eager to use SoftBody in my game.
Again THANKS A LOT. :kissing_heart: