(February 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

we have a new gameplay video of Drohtin v0.4.0.

The comments in the video are German…but he just describes the tutorial.


That rope!

Finished up a variety of effects for Carpe Diem’s spectrum analyzer. My video recorder, RecordMyDesktop, didn’t record the audio, I probably need to install JACK, I added the sounds back in with Blender so it may not be perfectly synced.

Had a lotta fun with this. The waveform in the effects with the blurred backgrounds is a custom mesh using catmull-rom smoothing. The terrainy lookin wireframe thing is also a custom mesh I wrote that’s somewhat similar to the waveform in that it uses catmull-rom smoothing, both on the width and depth, I wrote that mesh to use only member variables so it creates no garbage when the mesh is updated. The ‘water’ effect uses the same mesh as the wireframe effect, I just changed some of the settings for it and wrote a quick fresnel shader.

There are three settings, low, medium and high with low being the one featured in the video. The quality setting is in regards to the resolution of the rendered effect so it looks better when scaling the window up on higher qualities. Low is 256x128, medium 512x256 and high, you guessed it, 1024x512. This also effects the number of blur passes so higher qualities effect performance by more than just a higher resolution.


O wow, this remind me of the old windows music software! That thing was trippy x)

Nicely done!

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@Dokthar could it be used for hair, or it is another story?

I forget to mention something YOU ROCK :wink:

Well i think it could be used for hair but you will need some tricks to reduce the number of physics simulated object but have a decent rendering. see gpugems about hair.
As for cloth simulation or complex 3d model, they need some tricks to be usable in a game because those simulation are very cpu consuming.

Yeah, my first experience with these “trippy” audio visualizers would’ve been the Atari Jaguar CD’s Virtual Light Machine.

Some more unadvanced progress from me, as usual. This time it’s spacestations. Planned to be fully modular and destructible like the ships. The parts I’ve made so far are the

  • Station Core/Office (where you’ll be able to trade and get quests)
  • Truss (for longer connections)
  • Repair Station (repairs your damaged ship for a price)

The sides looked a bit empty so I added some billboards with advertisments for ingame companies. The three I figured out so far are:

  • Wexler-Watson Corp. (the company which manufactures the more high tech ship modules)
  • United Research Conglomerate (the merger of most old Earth space agencies - logo isn’t done yet)
  • Kepler-Cola (the mandatory parody)

And this is how the repair station looks like at work GIFV Link:

I don’t know how apparent it is, but the rail the repair arm moves on extends out to be about the same length as the ship being repaired and retracts after you move away from the station.


WOW! Can’t wait to see this on steam!

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Same here. If it was multiplayer then many of us here would label it as best game ever :smiley:

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Thanks, as far as I got this planned it should get there somewhere in the summer but I hear that the summer sale is problematic for newly released titles so I might wait a bit longer.

Well that’s one of the strech goals for after release, if there is any interest for it. Perhaps LAN at least.

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LAN is enough.
I almost never play Minecraft multiplayer without Hamachi(VPN) so LAN is way more than enough to have endless fun with friends.

:scream: !

If a game is made for a ~0 latency network playing it through a vpn is not a good idea…

At least for minecraft it works great.

BTW @MoffKalast have you checked out Robocraft? It’s a bit like your game except that you build robots and then fight with them on a planet.

I actually played it for quite a long time before I went into programming and was recognised in the community. I remember winning some competition with a Delorean car like robot too. They even mentioned me once in an official post as one of the toughest critics :stuck_out_tongue:

So yes, I have checked it out :smile: But LSP is mostly takes from TerraTech, Robocraft is really quite different.

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Robocraft is also the main reason why I don’t have a project WIP (apart from parents who allow me to use PC just 1h a day) :smiley:

re: multiplayer

Have lots of drugs on hand. “Reworking” a game to have networking later = “Rewriting” basically.


I’ll keep that in mind, and try not to get too high on math :slight_smile:

You are wise to work on single player first… more likely to finish something that way.

Personally, I recommend saving networking for the version 2.0 rewrite after 1.0 is successful and everyone complains there is no multiplayer. Easier to fund a kickstarter that way. :slight_smile: