(February 2016) Monthly WIP screenshot thread

Users tend to not understand technical details - they often think: “I’m getting ripped off here - so they only added a multiplayer mode and I need to buy a whole new version” or “I’m getting ripped off here - they didn’t put a multiplayer in the first version so that I need to buy their game again a second time”.

I know, it’s not rational, but that’s how non-knowing people are. So you better tell them “I’m just a single indie person who made version 1.0” and “It’s very hard to write a multiplayer networked game compared to writing a single player non-networked game.” (you know it - but they don’t) Maybe users will understand it then…


My gui library, in a very early stage of developpement.

This video if more a “proof of concept” for the virtualdevice stuff (a new way of handling inputs) and the use of the graphics class in in-game objects. The mouse should work on non-rectangle shapes, as it’s based on the texture coordinates of the collision triangle.
I am NOT working on shaders, so the fact that the screen just reflect light like the wall is something completly not related with my library.

I still need to fix the bug with the line thickness though.