FengGUI integration?


I searched the forum but found nothing. Since the FengGUI integration into jme2 is rather easy, is there any way something like that could be done with jme3?

Please don’t tell me things like “JME3 has Nifty GUI which is sooo much better…”, I don’t care if it is, but in my game there is just no way I can replace this because it’s way too much.

Have anybody tried it out?

No, there is no renderer for fenggui in jME3. Generally the GUI renderers are handled a bit differently in jME3 and they should not directly call lwjgl methods, this is why integration in jME3 might be a bit harder. Additionally, the team wants to avoid a similar GUI mess as in jME2 and so we are only adding gui libraries to the core that we will continue to work on.

If somebody (you?) comes up with a feggui integration for jME3 (@sbook might need one as well sooner or later) it could be added to the contribution center still. If its well maintainable, we might even add it to core…



The reason I did not choose FengGUI is because it is not well maintained, last update was at 2009. Also the OpenGL interface is done on the low level, so it won’t work with jME3’s requirement for shaders. In other words, FengGUI won’t work in jME3.

There are other solutions, like TWL, which have the rendering interface at a high level.