Few questions abouts JMEphysics 2

hello, i have a couple of questions. First, i downloaded the jme physics in Eclipse via CVS but i don't know how to use them. When i try to execute the tutorials lesson eclipse told me that : "Editor does not contain a main type"  :?

Should have i put the jme physics file in the jme file?

Secondly, I use an extend of BaseGame and if i properly understood i'll need a physicSpace in my game to define PhysicsNode. Is that right ?

Can i add "regular" nodes to pysics node ?

I don't see any of the answers i'd like in the wiki :cry: so please answer me

  1. if you use jme2 (the svn version) you will also need to use the jmephysics svn version: http://code.google.com/p/jmephysics/

  2. you might need to add the tutorial and test-interactive folder as a 'source folder' in your eclipse project to be able to execute the examples.

  3. you actually need to add a regular node to a physics node to have a visual representation of your physics object.

    Look at  com.jmetest.physicstut.Lesson createBox() for example on how to create physics representation for a Simple Box.