Filter Forge - a good idea to buy this for 80% off now?


Any recommendations by people here for whether it’s a good or bad idea to get this software?
Seems to be a nice toolkit (when using the “Professional” version) but maybe there are others or free alternatives that you would like to recommend instead?

Don’t know if it’s better to use dynamic shader-based solutions that generate procedural stuff, like NeoTexture plugin. Don’t know if there are so many 10,000+ cool settings for these alternatives either.

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From what I can tell Filter Forge (which does look pretty awesome by the by) is primarily sold as a Photoshop plugin. If you’re interested in making procedurally generated textures for your projects in Photoshop then this is one way to go it seems.

But this isn’t an app that you can just plug into JME or Blender or something like that.

Says it is “also a standalone app” somewhere on their site.

I know there are others like “TextureMaker” but I’m just not that experienced enough - can’t compare all them.

I use a pretty old software called “PhotoImpact” sometimes and have used “Inkscape” for similar purposes - but they aren’t that great - often only give you bumpmaps that you have to convert to normal maps yourself and their libraries of predefined things are quite small.

Yup. It is. The output it creates is xml based so you can go ahead and use that in whatever you want… According to Wikipedia on this (and even on Filter Forge’s website) it can act as a plugin for any application that is 8bf compatible (I have no idea what that means).

Even on the front page of Filter Forge it says in the sub script

A plugin for Adobe Photoshop that allows you to build your own filters.

I guess it’ll really depend on what you want to use it for. Like are you planning on using it for static models that you then import into JME? Or where your plans to use it to adjust stuff in JME?

If it’s the later then you may have some work on your hands.

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You can try to download from torrents and then decide…

Or… you know… get the legal free 30 days trial.


I’m hoping that someone here is someone (or knows someone else, probably from the team or elsewhere) who works with these kinds of applications and can give a recommendation based on experience.

Procedurally generated seamlessly tilable textures.

There also is Substance Designer, which might be a bit different, but that is what came to my mind when I read “procedural textures”. Is also has awesome YT Videos

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Okay, the Wikipedia article was good reading material. I checked all the sites and stores and all these apps have their pro and con and special licensing (Substance Painter is available in a special indie license for example).

I don’t know … the 80% off seem a great deal. But one should not rush into things and get locked-in to yet another software. Hm hm…

Seems like no one here has graphics artists making use of these tools which is a little disappointment. But anyways,

Thanks for the hints, guys.

I know that some here used for PBR rendering, not sure if that is not total overkill for what you want, but the results sure looked nice.

the model nehon repainted


LOL: So I found out that you only need to change the browser or the computer (or delete all cookies) in order to get your own 80 percent off “for two days” again. Actually on the second day they reduce it to 75 percent off - which I don’t like at all. Not sure I want to buy software from a company that gives “special offers” like these…

By the way … the new Hovertank looks even more impressive than the old one (exept for the back of the turret maybe because there’s a clear jigsaw pattern and the UVs seem to not have been aligned properly which could easily be done).

thank you. It’s not only the textures, I re-modeled it.

not so easy. It’s fine in substance painter. But you can see this artifact in sketchfab as well as in JME. IMO that’s due to small discrepancies in the way to compute tangents…


:open_mouth: Download link? I have the old hover tank, but I wanna use that one!!! <3

Also does it have the turret and hull as different models, so I can turn the turret?

Thanks for the nice comment.
It’s in the test data project on github as a j3o

The turret is not separated no…

Note that this model only works with the PBR material

How soon PBR will be in official release?

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Right now.

git tag jme3-official
git push origin --tags

Oh wait, wrong window… :smiley: