First Person Physics?


I'm using a "virtual" DynamicPhysicsNode and moving it forward, backward, strafe left and right

on every update, i set the camera location at the center of this node

so i basically have done the first part of a first person camera

Im stuck at the camera/node rotations:

how can i make the node moves in the camera direction?  :cry:

any help is HIGHLY appreciated :smiley:

Is this what you want to do?

Vector3f myVec=new Vector3f();
camera.localToWorld(Vector3f.UNIT_Z, myVec);

maybe multiply the vector by -1 to go in the right direction..

thanks for your reply, but localToWorld method doesnt really exist  :?

Yeah, sorry, the cam is no real spatial… Use the spatial that you got the location for the camera from before.