First SDK Release after Split

New SDK Release (alpha3-FINAL)

Note: This SDK complies with alpha3 but some of the newly added features require alpha4 to work.
This means that the whole Motion Event Stuff will be bugged in multiple ways: a) you will have duplicate motion events upon reloading the file, b) you might experience some NPE when saving/opening a Motion Path.
If you really need those, use the alpha4-SNAPSHOT and change the libraries of your created Projects to alpha3.

Changelog so far:

  • Use alpha3 engine version
  • Fixed #10 (Custom Control’s Children)a
  • Fixed #33 (New empty .j3o File)
  • Fixed #34 (New Start/Stop Control Feature in SceneExplorer’s Context Menu)
  • Fixed WelcomeScreen - Now the SDK starts up quick even when is down
  • Fixed #31 (New Projects using the BasicGameTemplate will use Bullet-Native and no blender or niftygui by default
  • Added ProjectUpgrader - Updates your old 3.0 projects into 3.1 compatible ones
  • Added new 3D Gizmos to the Scene Composer. (See here)
  • Changed About/SplashScreen to be more yellowish (The Images still need their update)
  • Fixed #38 (SplashScreen has hidden a Dialog, making it unable to start the SDK on Linux)
  • Changed the default Theme (LaF) to be Dark Monkey. See here for all the important things.
  • Fixed #39 (SDK Freeze related to j3md files)
  • Added the Functionality to edit Motion Events, Motion Paths and their Waypoints
  • Fixed #40 (JRE Downloader should work now. It also allows you to specify the JRE Version)
  • Added two Dark Monkey Themes (yellow-two and manual) and updated the GLSL Colors
  • Added the iOS Plugin to the SDK so it should work/be there out of the box

Downloading … , can not wait to try it out, thank you very much

Specially, the 3D Gizmo

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I just hugged my computer screen after I read this.


@Darkchaos Where do we go to submit bugs for the SDK ? The model importer is broken plus I have a laundry list of other things that are not working. I know it’s only the alpha but there is much work to be done.

rhight there → Issues · jMonkeyEngine/sdk · GitHub

Drop us some Issues, nehon gave you the link.
It’s not the work but also that we don’t know of those issues.
This especially applies to the Model Importer:
There are millions of ways to accomplish stuff in blender and the more advanced features you use, the more problematic it is for the Importer.

Say easy vertex movement is easy to adopt but a triple-mirrored subdividied and then sculpted mesh needs the same algorithms in the importer as in blender to have the same output (except when you apply the modifiers, then it’s easy vertex movement again)

Edit: Depending on the case with the Importer you might want to drop it into the JME Main Repo (but we would forward you if that’s the case then)